Sandra – Ich bin eben doch eine Frau, 2015

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© Annick Ramp

Sandra, the subject of this photoreportage series, has fought forcefully in her quest for identity and the acceptance of who she is. Sandra was raised in a specialized institution and suffers from a heart problem, but she has also faced many other challenges. She grew up as a male, but was operated on six years ago to become entirely a woman. The photographer shows Sandra to us through both the attributes of her femininity and her personal interests, among them a passion for meteorology. Pictures of the sky in motion thus serve to complete the series by inviting us to adopt the point of view of its subject and to think about the path through life, sometimes not easy, that joins the body to the soul. (Catherine Kohler)

Three young Swiss photographers (Simone Haug, Annick Ramp, Delphine Schacher) have each been commissioned by the LIVES Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research and the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography to create a work on the NCCR LIVES themes of "vulnerability and resilence".

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Annick Ramp (1987, Suisse) vit et travaille à Zürich. Diplômée en design photographique, elle travaille en tant qu'indépendante tout en ayant intégré l’équipe des photographes du journal Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Ses travaux ont été primés à plusieurs reprises notamment par le prix des jeunes talents vfg et le Swiss Press Photo Award.