Acrobates!, 2015

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© Simone Haug / Dominique Uldry

In the photo-reportage of Simone Haug, the fantastical universe of the circus is the backdrop for a social reality: the emotional, physical, and economic vulnerability of retired acrobats. Though they can no longer practise their craft – either because of diminished physical ability or because age has forced them to quit – these artists display an unfailing optimism, resourcefulness, and an attitude towards life that remains unchanged. From the world of the circus, Simone Haug draws out a simplification of form that leads towards what is essential: the capacity to maintain balance in a world where limits are constantly being surpassed. (Catherine Kohler)

Three young Swiss photographers (Simone Haug, Annick Ramp, Delphine Schacher) have each been commissioned by the LIVES Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research and the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography to create a work on the NCCR LIVES themes of "vulnerability and resilence".

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Simone Haug (1981, Suisse) vit et travaille à Bienne. Au profit d’un master en fine art de la Hochschule für bildende Künste de Hambourg, elle travaille actuellement comme photographe indépendante. Ses travaux photographiques ont fait l’objet de plusieurs publications, expositions et distinctions. Elle a notamment reçu un soutien de la Fondation pour la migration, la population et l’environnement en 2013.